Azzurro Living owns and operates it's own production facility, producing luxury, all-weather furniture


We purchase, process and test all raw materials in-house so we know what's inside our products.

The world has enough disposable furniture, its our goal to keep yours withyou for a lifetime

Azzurro Living is a leading force in luxury outdoor furniture, boasting over 15 years of expertise in private labeling, designing, and manufacturing. Our identity centers around a passion for high-quality, original designs crafted with advanced technology and skilled artisans in our fully owned and operated factory.

Manufacturing Excellence: With a fully owned and operated production facility, we maintain control over the entire manufacturing process.

Craftsmanship: Master craftsmen and women meticulously hand-bend and polish aluminum frames, creating intricate handwoven patterns with advanced, all-weather materials.

Quality Control: Our stringent quality control program ensures that all products meet the highest standards, guaranteeing excellence from start to finish.

Innovation and Versatility: In-house design, research, and testing enable us to deliver trendsetting, versatile furniture suitable for any environment, indoors or outdoors.

Azzurro Living stands out for its commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality, and versatile outdoor furniture, setting industry standards with every meticulously crafted piece.


Azzurro Living employs highly skilled craftsmen and women who are experts at their trade. Stringent quality check points are in place at each state of production through packaging ensuring that your goods arrive in excellent condition