Dekton is stone

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals from nature. Dekton uses in its manufacturing the exclusive TSP technology, able to sinter mineral particles making them bond with each other.

Dekton is technique

Dekton means excellence in functional beauty for any architectural project. Dekton's polyvalence makes it ideal for any application, even in the most demanding conditions such as facades or floors.

Dekton is ultracompact

Dekton perfects in hours what nature creates in thousands of years. Dekton’s exclusive press generates 25.000 tons of uniform pressure. As a result, Dekton has no micro-defects that cause weak points.

25 Year Warranty

Water & Stain Resistant

Dekton boasts very low porosity, making it extremelly water & stain resistant, which can be easily removed with standad cleaning products.

UV-Ray Resistance

Dekton is unnafected by ultraviolet rays. Its color does not fade of degrade overtime. Making it a perfect material for a residential and hospitality outdoor use.


Extreme Temperature & Fire Resistant

It's low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it ideal for surfaced exposed to sudden temperature changes. The A1 certification accredits Dekton as a non-combustable material.

Scratch & Impact Resistant

Dekton's great resistance to impact and scratches makes it perfect for everyday use. It's hardness equals Quartz, scoring 7/10 of the Mohs scale of mineral hardness,

Available Colors