Our Materials

All materials used in our products are suitable for outdoor use. They are made to withstand wide temperature ranges, UV rays, water, and overall harsh atmospheric conditions.

All-Weather Wicker


Azzurro Living manufactures all-weather wicker from the
highest quality man-made HDPE fibre. This remarkable
material has many benefits including high suppleness,
tear resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance.

To clean, wash the furniture with a solution of mild
detergent and water, rinse with clear water, and dry

All-Weather Rope


All Azzurro Living rope is Olefin based and performs
excellently for outdoor use as it is climate and
It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a
solution of mild detergent and water. Once detergent
and water are applied, simply rinse with clear water, and
dry thoroughly. Do not use oil cleaners.



Our powder coated aluminum is lightweight and very
durable. We guarantee excellent resistance to
corrosion, weather, and water. Azzurro Living aluminum is
precision welded, hand polished, and requires little
To clean, wash the furniture with a solution of mild
detergent and water, rinse with clear water, and dry

Natural Stone


The types of stone selected by Azzurro Living are
natural, and therefore unique. Any crystals or streaks are
specific characteristics of each stone.
To maintain, avoid treating the stone with aggressive
protective substances that can alter color or texture.
Simply wash with a mild detergent and water, rinse with
clear water, and dry thoroughly



Azzurro Living concrete products are made from GFRC
(glass fiber reinforced concrete). This combination
produces light yet strong products with a contemporary
solid concrete appearance. Each product is finished
individually, therefore each product is unique with
variations in shading and marks.
Dirt and most stains can be removed from GFRC by
scrubbing with a mild detergent and water.


Azzurro Living cushions are made of high quality foam covered with Solvita® Select fabrics. This is our stock plush chenille fabric from the Solvita® Contract Collection. The Select Collection is intended to mimic the look and feel of a soft and luxurious indoor fabric with the durability to go outdoors, the comlement to Azzurro Living products.
Fabrics in the Solvita® Contract Collection are engineered to withstand the demands of rigorous cleanings and heavy use in high-traffic commercial environments as well as home use.
Solvita® upholstery fabrics are amazingly easy to clean. Most spills clean up with just mild soap and water.
The fabrics have a non-PFOA water-and stain-repellent finish.


Aluminium Frames - 5 Years

All - Weather Wicker - 3 Years

All - Weather Rope - 3 Years

Concrete (GFRC) - 2 Years

Natural Stone - 1 Year

Commercial Applications - 1 Year

Guaratees are valid when the product is used in those applications for which it was made.

The Guarantee will be automatically revoked in the event of inappropriate product use and

is subject to Azzurro Living's general terms and conditions.